The SALSA dataset

Xavier Alameda-Pineda, Jacopo Staiano, Ramanathan Subramanian, Ligia Batrinca, Elisa Ricci, Bruno Lepri, Oswald Lanz and Nicu Sebe

Keywords: Multimodal group behavior analysis, Free-standing conversational groups, multimodal social data sets, Tracking, Head and body pose estimation, Personality traits.

Synergetic sociAL Scene Analysis (SALSA) contains uninterrupted recordings of an indoor social event involving 18 subjects over 60 minutes. It serves as a rich and extensive repository for the behavioral analysis and social signal processing communities. In addition to the raw multimodal data, SALSA also contains position, pose and F-formation annotations over the entire event duration for evaluation purposes, as well as information regarding participants’ personality traits. You can download it from here. Cite [1] if you use it!


  1. X. Alameda-Pineda, J. Staiano, R. Subramanian, L. M. Batrinca, E. Ricci, B. Lepri, O. Lanz, and N. Sebe, “SALSA: A Novel Dataset for Multimodal Group Behavior Analysis,” IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 38, iss. 8, pp. 1707-1720, 2016. [ bib pdf data arxiv ]
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Category: Research

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