The “paella” is a dish typical from the region of the Valencian Community, in Spain. The main ingredient is rice, and you may add some vegetables and seafood (and eventually some meat). In order to prepare it, you need:

  • Vegetables
  • Fish/meat/seafood
  • (fish/meat) Bouillon
  • Rice
  • Saffron

First you have to split the vegetables/fish/meat/seafood in two groups: those which are “nice”, i.e., that will be also used to decorate on top of the rice, and those which are not that nice, i.e., that will be mixed with the rice. Then, you fry the first group and keep it aside. Afterward, you fry the rest of the vegetables/fish/etc, so that you end up with a tasteful mixture. Here comes the critical point, you may need some focus here! You add the rice to the mixture (still in the pan), and stir it for two minutes. Then, you should add (pre-heated) bouillon until you cover the mixture. Almost everything is done. Add the saffron and keep on adding water until the rice is almost cooked. Once the cooking is done, you may add the first group of vegetables/fish/seafood that you put aside to decorate. You may get something like this:

Homemade paella, yummy!
Homemade paella, yummy!

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