Habert de Chamechaude

Today I went up to Habert de Chamechaude, which is a refugy just below Chamechaude, the higest peak in the Chartreuse. The difference of heigh is about 570 m in approximately 3.5 km. I leave you here some photos, among which, one panorama. Precisely, there are (from left to right) Chamrousse, Mont Aiguille, Dent de Crolles and Chamechaude.

Chamrousse from Habert de Chamechaude

Mont Aiguille from Habert de ChamechaudeDent de Crolles from Habert de ChamechaudeChamechaude from Habert de Chamechaude


And the panorama!




Of course, Kumai was there!!!Multiple Kumai!

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