Current Students

    Former Students

    • Sergey Tulyakov July 20th, 2016Sergey Tulyakov
      PhD I collaborated with Sergey during his last year of PhD and we developed a very nice method for remote heart-rate estimation in unrestricted videos. Looking forward for some more challenges on face analysis! References
    • Dionyssos Kounades-Bastian May 2nd, 2016Dionyssos Kounades-Bastian
      PhD I am actively involved in co-supervising Dionyssos‘s PhD. We are doing many interesting things in sound source modeling and separation. In particular the separation of moving sources and low-rank parameter sound source modeling. Related publications are: , including a Best Student Paper Award.
    • Israel Dejene Gebru February 20th, 2016Israel Dejene Gebru
      PhD Part of Israel‘s PhD is devoted to the detection and localization of speakers using audio-visual data. We proposed different methods that were published in different venues .  He will most likely defend end 2016/beginning 2017. References
    • Maxime Janvier May 20th, 2014Maxime Janvier
      PhD and Masters I co-supervised Maxime during his Masters Thesis and the beginning of his PhD (before I went to Italy). Our studies covered mainly the topic of sound event classification and were successfully published in . Maxime is currently a research engineer in signal processing and neural software for ...