Current Students

    Former Students

    • Wei Wang April 6th, 2018Wei Wang
      Wei Wang will defend his PhD in May 2018, with very nice contributions in computer vision, in particular in the use of deep learning (often based on recurrent networks and variational auto-encoders) for face analysis and synthesis. I had the pleasure to publish with him and to be part of his PhD ...
    • Guillaume Delorme October 6th, 2017Guillaume Delorme
      Guillaume is a PhD student in the perception team that is interested in unsupervised person re-identification and on multiple-person tracking. Guillaume started his PhD on September 2017.
    • Yutong Ban November 26th, 2016Yutong Ban
      Yutong is a PhD Candidate at the Perception Team under the supervision of Radu Horaud and mysefl. Yutong has worked on variational Bayes approximations with applications to multiple object tracking.. He also investigated how to take into account robot’s head movements ...
    • Alessio Xompero July 28th, 2016Alessio Xompero
      Masters I co-supervised Alessio‘s Masters Thesis with a very nice article on multiple speaker tracking that will appear soon in CVIU . Alessio is now a PhD Student at Queen Mary University London. References
    • Dan Xu July 20th, 2016Dan Xu
      I co-supervised Dan’s PhD when I was in University of Trento. I was also part of his PhD Jury! Dan’s PhD lead to many nice contributions, for instance¬†retrieving images from sketches . Right now, Dan is a post-doctoral fellow in the Visual Geometry Group at University of ...
    • Sergey Tulyakov July 20th, 2016Sergey Tulyakov
      PhD I collaborated with Sergey during his last year of PhD and we developed a very nice method for remote heart-rate estimation in unrestricted videos. Looking forward for some more challenges on face analysis! References
    • Dionyssos Kounades-Bastian May 2nd, 2016Dionyssos Kounades-Bastian
      PhD I am actively involved in co-supervising Dionyssos‘s PhD. We are doing many interesting things in sound source modeling and separation. In particular the separation of moving sources and low-rank parameter sound source modeling. Related publications are: , including a Best Student Paper Award.
    • Israel Dejene Gebru February 20th, 2016Israel Dejene Gebru
      PhD Part of Israel‘s PhD is devoted to the detection and localization of speakers using audio-visual data. We proposed different methods that were published in different venues .¬† He will most likely defend end 2016/beginning 2017. References
    • Maxime Janvier May 20th, 2014Maxime Janvier
      PhD and Masters I co-supervised Maxime during his Masters Thesis and the beginning of his PhD (before I went to Italy). Our studies covered mainly the topic of sound event classification and were successfully published in . Maxime is currently a research engineer in signal processing and neural software for ...